Spring 2019 Courses

This upcoming Spring 2019 semester I will teach INGL 3300: Three Generations of Electronic Literature. See the approved INGL 3300 proposal here for a breakdown of the course. For a taste of the framework that informs my Three Generations of Electronic Literature course, here’s a 90 minute lecture I gave earlier this year at University […]

Spring 2018 Courses

This Spring 2018 semester I will be offering 3 courses: Modern Poetry, Digital Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities Internship. I have linked to the course blogs, with which I have offered at least two or more iterations of the courses, which should allow you to have a sense of what I’ve covered in the past. […]

Spring 2017 Courses

Next semester I will be teaching two courses, both of which focus on digital literacy, rhetoric, and skills: Digital Humanities Internship (INTD 4995) is a course I’ve been teaching every semester since Fall 2013. This course is structured as an internship in which I work with students in the development of digital projects, such as […]

Fall 2015 Courses

This Fall I will teach three courses, all of which inform digital studies in different ways: Cyberpunk Cinema is a film course that engages the digital thematically while developing a critical vocabulary to analyze cinema. Introduction to Poetry will show how the most intense use of language is shaped by embodied, physical, and digital materials. […]

Spring 2015 Courses

This Spring 2015 Semester I will be teaching three courses, described as follows: English 6055: Multimodal Literature in the Digital Age This course is concerned with multimodal literary expression in an age of digital media—a set of technologies which allow for the integrated representation of visual, textual, and aural information. The course will explore ways […]

Recruiting for Fall 2014 Digital Humanities Internship

I am seeking to recruit up to 15 interns to help me develop some digital humanities and Web development projects I am currently developing. These unpaid internships count as 3 credits of an elective course (a recommended elective for English majors): INTD 4995, section 001#. The projects are: I ♥ E-Poetry – short-form scholarship on […]

Digital Studies Courses

I am pleased to announce the launching of a series of courses I will be teaching around a framework I’m developing on campus called digital studies. My short term goal is to develop and adapt existing courses that help develop students’ proficiency and critical thinking about the impact of digital media and technologies. My long-term […]