About Me

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Professor Leonardo Flores is Chair of the English Department at Appalachian State University. He served as President of the Electronic Literature Organization from 2019 to 2022. He was the 2012-2013 Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen in Norway and was a professor in the English Department at University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus from 1994 to 2019. His research areas are electronic literature, with a focus on digital poetry, and the history and strategic growth of the field. He’s known for I ♥ E-Poetry, the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3, “Third Generation Electronic Literature” and the Antología Lit(e)Lat, Volume 1. For more information on his current work, visit leonardoflores.net.

En español:

El Dr. Leonardo Flores es profesor y director del Departamento de Inglés en Appalachian State University. Presidió el Electronic Literature Organization del 2019 al 2022. Fue Fulbright Scholar en el programa de Cultura Digital de la Universidad de Bergen en Noruega (2012-13) y profesor en la Universidad de Puerto Rico: Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez (1994-2019). Sus áreas de investigación son la literatura electrónica, con un enfoque en poesía digital y la historia y crecimiento estratégico del campo. Es conocido por I ♥ E-Poetry, Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3, “Third Generation Electronic Literature” y la Antología Lit(e)Lat, volumen 1. Para más información acerca de su investigación visite leonardoflores.net.