Building a Community of Bot Makers

This is an open invitation to everyone interested in the art and craft of bots to join a new community space called Bot Forum.

Its goal is to have a free and open space, moderately moderated to facilitate the sharing of tips, techniques, code, ideas, and bots.

If you encounter any issues with accessing or sharing this Bot Forum, it’s because its URL was apparently once used for evil (spam) and was blacklisted long ago. We are reclaiming it from its previously well-deserved oblivion to create a community of artistic and literary bot makers and enthusiasts.

Upon these condemned ruins of the Web we shall raise a Forum. And unlike the previous bot community I built, it won’t be in territory belonging to our Web’s Roman Empire.

Join us!

Update: the first attempt at this forum was powered by Simple Machines Forum software and it broke after two days. The bot forum is now remade using WordPress and Commons-in-a-Box.