My recent #criticalmemes

This semester has presented me with opportunities to create several critical memes. From teaching how to create memes that present complex ideas and critiques in my Digital Media Criticism course to a fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico that has led to an indefinite student strike at the University of Puerto Rico, I have had plenty of inspiration to explore this popular digital media genre. So here are some of my most recent memes.

My most recent one is inspired by this meme about Republicans planning to repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s a link to the GIF version.

This series was inspired by Puerto Rico’s National Strike on May 1, 2017– a massive peaceful protest against austerity measures that was misrepresented by the media and many people when a small group of people engaged in vandalism after the event had concluded.

Finally, when Governor Ricky Rosselló, who repeatedly stated during his campaign that the debt could be paid and that he wouldn’t declare bancruptcy, declared bankruptcy, I created these two memes (click to enlarge).

I don’t know how much of an impact these memes will have, but they’re fun to create and circulate nicely in social media. My most successful one has received of 4,500 shares between Facebook and Twitter since it was launched a week ago. Most importantly, they allow me to express my perspective on current events while I practice my skills on and learn about what makes this such a popular digital genre.

And before anyone corrects me on this, I will clarify that I’m aware that:

Text over image of French presiden Macron: "This is not a meme / It's an image macron"

Share and enjoy!