I ♥ E-Poetry Impact Report

Every so often, I need to explain that single line in my Curriculum Vitae dedicated to I ♥ E-Poetry (listed under Blogs), because it is likely to be overlooked by proposal reviewers. Digital publications, especially self-published blogs are seldom valued in traditional academic settings, after all. So I have put together a brief report based… Continue reading I ♥ E-Poetry Impact Report

Fall 2015 Presentations

Here are some of my upcoming presentations for the Fall: “Cómics digitales” UPRM, Oct. 2, 2015. “Translating Computational Literature” American Literary Translation Association Conference, Oct. 30, 2015. (see slideshow and video) “Se levanta un (ro)bot puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot” Magna Feria Internacional del Libro Eugenio María de Hostos, November 5, 2015. “Looking for a Home: Publishing… Continue reading Fall 2015 Presentations

Leonardo Flores: Full Professor

I am pleased to announce that I have been promoted to Full Professor. The promotion became effective on July 1, 2015. It should have begun on July 1, 2014, but the UPR didn’t have the budget available to give the salary raise that comes with the promotion. For the past 5+ years all promotions have… Continue reading Leonardo Flores: Full Professor

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Se levanta un bot puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot

Es con gran placer que anuncio el lanzamiento del primer “bot” puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot. ¿Qué es un bot? Un bot es un programa de computadora (o conjunto de programas) diseñado para ser un agente autónomo en un entorno digital. Los bots son construidos enteramente con programación y texto, distinto a sus contrapartes físicas, los robots.… Continue reading Se levanta un bot puertorriqueño: Hostos Bot

Soy #ProductoUPR

En estos momentos de dificultad presupuestaria para Puerto Rico y su Universidad, deseo unir mi voz a la campaña #ProductoUPR (en Facebook y Twitter) para ayudar a crear conciencia y orgullo en los estudiantes y profesionales que se forman en sus 11 recintos. Soy hijo de dos Colegiales de pura sepa, Leonardo Flores Flores y… Continue reading Soy #ProductoUPR

DH Lightning Short Talk @ ASA

Here are links to the two projects I will be highlighting: I ♥ E-Poetry The Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3 Here’s a downloadable, printable version of the I ♥ E-Poetry brochure I’ll be handing out. I will also be presenting at the following panel: Caucus: Digital Humanities: Scripting the Reader in Electronic Literature Friday, November… Continue reading DH Lightning Short Talk @ ASA

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The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3

I am pleased to announce that I have been elected by the ELO Board to be part of the Editorial Collective that will produce the new volume of the Electronic Literature Collection. The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) has published two Electronic Literature Collections: Volume 1 in 2006 and Volume 2 in 2011 (see http://collection.eliterature.org). Both… Continue reading The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 3

Building a Community of Bot Makers

This is an open invitation to everyone interested in the art and craft of bots to join a new community space called Bot Forum. Its goal is to have a free and open space, moderately moderated to facilitate the sharing of tips, techniques, code, ideas, and bots. If you encounter any issues with accessing or sharing this… Continue reading Building a Community of Bot Makers

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